Get Pre-Approved

If you’re thinking about buying a home, a pre-approval is a fast and EASY way to make your home buying experience easier from start to finish.

A pre-approval means you get an approval for a mortgage loan before you make an offer on a home or even find a home you want (This is different than a pre-qualification – a preliminary evaluation of your financial status that does not include a commitment to giving you a loan). That means you’ll have the benefit of knowing how much home you can afford before you begin shopping for a home.

Get the Advantage over Other Buyers

A pre-approval also gives you buying power – the ability to make offers, negotiate price and terms, and even sign a contract to buy. It gives you an an advantage over other buyers when you make an offer on a home, because a pre-approval letter proves to the seller and real estate agent that you’re financially able to buy the home.

Get Started

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